ServRx has had The Miller Group under contract for 5 consecutive years. They have had a strategic voice at our table as we have navigated the challenges that arise from 500% growth and national expansion to become an Inc. 500 company. Everything from financing, corporate governance, partnership negotiations, to marketplace strategies have been successfully managed with their CEO, Rudy Miller, by our side. Mr. Miller doesn't always tell you what you want to hear; but he does tell you what you need to hear.

- Todd Delano

Co-Founder, Control Shareholder & Chief Executive Officer


In my past role as Chairman of ServRx and related entities, I have had the opportunity to work directly with The Miller Group’s CEO, Rudy Miller, for numerous years. The Board retained his firm as strategic business advisor in part because Rudy has a proven track record in working with high-growth middle market entrepreneurial companies. He truly appreciates the opportunities and challenges facing expanding businesses. His business experience as an entrepreneur, public company CEO, plus board member of a number of NASDAQ and NYSE public companies, has been a huge benefit in helping ServRx and its aggressive operating management team work through multiple business complexities. He played a critical role assisting us with our bank credit facility as well as locating a full time CFO for the company. He is a direct-results oriented advisor that comprehends the difficult decisions that need to be made by the Board. His legal, accounting-finance and operational experience is a tremendous asset to our company and our management team as we continue to grow ServRx. Rudy and his team have earned the Board’s respect.

- Randall S. Prust, M.D.

Co-Founder, Shareholder & Past Chairman of the Board


There's no shortage of qualified investment banking and business - financial consulting firms in today's crowded market. I have worked with firms in the past that have performed well for us and personally know of firms that meet the needs of Telgian. What separates MILLER is the dedication to understanding our business and advocating for the needs of our stakeholders. Rudy Miller's personal attention to me and my senior management team, and his active participation in our board meetings over the last 8 years has been great for Telgian because of his business expertise. His direct assistance with our banking relationships has been terrific. In addition to MILLER's outstanding services, Miller Investments, Inc., a MILLER entity, has become an important preferred shareholder of Telgian. MILLER prioritizes the long-term needs of a business: whether it's right to complete a deal now or in the future. Because of the advocacy model of MILLER, Rudy and I have become good friends over the years. A needed and trusted friend who understands my business, who will call me out when I believe my own press clippings and support me when times get tough. Telgian is fortunate to have Rudy deeply involved in our business as a trusted advisor.

- Jim Tomes

Chief Executive Officer & President




As Chairman, CEO and Control Shareholder of Magma, I retained The Miller Group to serve as an exclusive advisor to myself, my management team and the company's Board of Advisors. The two year engagement included strategic and tactical business planning, as well as a financial analysis of Magma. Before making this decision, I spoke with numerous executives of banks, accounting firms, law firms, along with CEOs and board members that were current and past MILLER clients; all of whom gave excellent appraisals of the quality of the services The Miller Group team provides, their experience working directly with CEO, Rudy Miller, and his unique skillsets. MILLER began its due diligence program by assessing my business from top to bottom, analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, and developing a Strategic Business Review from which we could prioritize our actions. Rudy was personally involved in all phases of this engagement, including guiding me through and managing the process of obtaining a new bank and increasing our credit facilities. Our senior management team worked with the MILLER team and developed growth strategies, performance improvement plans, performed succession planning, and corporate restructuring guidelines, which ultimately culminated in the merger of Magma with one of the top companies in our industry, One Stop Systems, Inc. Although I was one of MILLER's smaller clients, I felt that I was always a top priority and had direct access to Rudy. I have the utmost respect for Rudy Miller as a business executive and a stand-up man who does what he says and gets results! I would not hesitate to recommend The Miller Group to any company willing to take the next step towards greatness.

- Randy L. Jones

Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Magma

Managing Partner, RJA

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Board Member & Shareholder, OSS


We are a 100+ year-old family-owned business that values integrity. Rudy Miller, CEO of The Miller Group ("MILLER") guided us through our initial public offering, introduced us to Wall Street and the subsequent divestiture of a major operating division, obtaining a value well beyond anything we initially envisioned. MILLER's advice and assistance were invaluable to us in completing these transactions. Rudy and his team are professional with great loyalty serving their clients. We have retained MILLER since 1996 and they have been an important investor/shareholder for the past 22 years. We continue to utilize MILLER's broad range of financial and business consulting services.

- Michael L. Bowlin

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


From 1996 through the 2006 acquisition of Capital Title by NYSE listed LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc., Rudy Miller was our trusted advisor and a major shareholder through the MILLER firm. MILLER's effective capital formation strategy and M&A support services helped our company grow from a range of $2.5 million to $380.2 million in annual revenue. Their ability to efficiently secure capital and support our acquisition program on our behalf allowed us to focus on operations that significantly increased the value of our company. We relied on their expertise as we completed the LandAmerica transaction where they secured a premium that benefited all shareholders.


MILLER has been retained by my investment firm, Head Management, LLC since 2007 regarding consulting and financial assignments. We have also been a co-investor with MILLER in numerous venture capital and private equity investments.

- Donald R. Head

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


I've worked with numerous consultants and advisors on multiple transactions, including some with the biggest names in the media industry, and my experience with MILLER was a great learning experience for myself and our team, and was unmatched on a number of very important fronts: innovative fee structure, service excellence and intuition. We always felt our deal was MILLER's biggest priority, even though they were working on transactions much bigger and more complex than ours. The guidance we received on when to fold 'em and when to hold 'em was spot on – every prediction MILLER made about the seller's next move was correct, and that saved us 15-20 percent on the purchase price.

- Chris McMurry

Chief Executive Officer



I have been on both sides of a transaction with Rudy Miller; I have observed him as a public company CEO, board member and as a consultant. Let me tell you one thing...you want the MILLER team on your side of the deal. MILLER has served as a business and financial consultant to a number of public companies where I have served as President and CEO. Rudy's Wall Street experience coupled with his business expertise is a big plus for MILLER's clients. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Rudy and MILLER's ability to achieve results.

- Terry S. Jacobs

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, JFP

Board Member, AFG

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