The Mystery of the Arizona Desert is Alive and Well and "The Thing" is Bigger than Ever!

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, August 23, 2018 - Bowlin Travel Centers, Inc. (OTC: BWTL) is proud to announce the grand opening on Friday, August 31st of their newest museum attraction at “The Thing”, located 17 miles east of Benson, Arizona on I-10, exit 322. The museum’s exciting exhibits, including giant dinosaurs that tower overhead, are part of the journey back through time. Guests will learn how interplanetary-beings covertly influenced important moments in history and unlock the mystery of “The Thing”.

Kit Johnson, Director of Operations for Bowlin Travel Centers, stated, “We are extremely excited about this major project expansion increasing the size and scope of “The Thing” museum, which is now more than three times as big as the previous multi-building facilities. The new 100% climate-controlled museum is a MUST-SEE destination point in the Arizona desert. The expanded retail space offers hand crafted Indian jewelry, a unique variety of Southwestern merchandise, including fireworks and select museum souvenirs. We also upgraded our current Dairy Queen Restaurant operation.” Johnson concluded, “Our new 30,000 square foot facility incorporates our Dairy Queen, retail space and new museum under one roof. We look forward to serving our guests with our traditional Bowlin hospitality.”

About "The Thing"

“The Thing” was originally owned and operated by Thomas Binkley Prince, who built a tourist stop around his oddities and interesting collection of unique items. Mr. Prince died in 1969 and the business was then under the ownership of his wife Janet for numerous years. Bowlin Travel Centers managed the operations and later added gasoline plus a Dairy Queen. BWTL subsequently acquired the business. Despite its remote desert location, the attraction has been popular; appearing in several tourist guides, on YouTube as well as being the subject of several news stories and reports over the years. Visit us at, like us on and follow us on Instagram at

About Bowlin Travel Centers, Inc.

Bowlin Travel Centers, Inc. is a public company headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Bowlin family tradition of serving the public dates back to 1912 when the founder, Claude M. Bowlin, started trading goods and services with Native Americans in New Mexico. The family-controlled company’s principal business activities include the operation of ten travel centers, a museum, and six restaurants strategically located along well-traveled interstate highways in New Mexico and Arizona. Eight of BWTL’s travel centers offer fuel, and the company operates five Dairy Queen facilities and one SUBWAY Restaurant. All of the company’s travel centers offer a unique variety of Southwestern merchandise to the traveling public in New Mexico and Arizona. Visit us at, like us on and follow us on

Miller Capital Corporation Issues Valuation Analysis

Miller Investments, Inc. Invests in The Lovesac Company IPO

Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial Announces Appointment of Rudy R. Miller as Advisory Board Chairman

Scottsdale, Arizona - April 26, 2018 - Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial, Inc. ("Tbird II"), a non-profit organization under IRS Section 501(C)(3) dedicated to preserving the history of aviation in Scottsdale, Arizona and all military veterans, is pleased to announce Rudy R. Miller, CEO of The Miller Group of entities, has agreed to serve as Chairman of its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board's mission is to provide Tbird II strategic input and support. It is comprised of a dynamic group of accomplished individuals who are committed to providing business management, aviation, financial and non-profit organizational expertise to the organization.

Steve Ziomek, Chairman and President of Tbird II, stated,"We are pleased to have Rudy accept the position as the first Chairman or our Advisory Board. His diverse corporate-business leadership experience, including serving as past President of successful non-profit organizations, coupled with his airline aviation background, as well as serving our country as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, will add significant value to Tbird II's future growth."

Ziomek continued, "Rudy has worked diligently on behalf of Tbird II for the past two years and has been a very strong supporter of the goals and objectives to preserve the history and culture of aviation in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the planned opening of the Tbird II Memorial which will provide tribute to all veterans and create educational opportunities for our children."

Rudy R. Miller commented, "I'm honored to accept the position as Chairman of Tbird II's Advisory Board. I would like to thank Chairman Steve Ziomek and the Board of Directors of Tbird II for their confidence in me as the leader of the Advisory Board. It's been exciting to have participated in this historical process to date. Tbird II currently plans to hang a WWII Stearman aircraft, as used in training the WWII military pilots, at the new Scottsdale Airport Business Center. The Stearman will be the centerpiece of the Tbird II Memorial wing currenly under construction. The City of Scottsdale estimates a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony sometime in mid-September, subject to construction issues. This is a tremendous achievement between the City of Scottsdale, the Scottsdale Airport and Tbird II."

Mr. Miller continued, "Along with the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors, I look forward to developing aviation scholarship programs for high schools, technical schools, community colleges, and university students. Plus, we will be offering educational programs to the public including tours of the Tbird II technology-interactive memorial which will focus on aviation, history, and veterans. We will be working throughout the state of Arizona and eventually on a national basis regarding this ongoing commitment to aviation and the youth of our great country."

About Rudy R. Miller

Miller is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Miller Capital Corporation, an affiliated company of The Miller Group, established in 1972. He has an accomplished track record as a serial entrepreneur, investor, public company Chief Executive Officer, board member of numerous public and private companies, as well as Founder and Chairman of an investment bank.

Mr. Miller's philanthropic endeavors include support for the non-profit arts community, various universities, athletic foundations, and veterans' projects. Also, in 2008, Mr. Miller instituted the annual Rudy R. Miller Business - Finance Scholarship in support of Arizona State University, in particular the W. P. Carey School of Business, and to encourage and recognize academic excellence in outstanding students.

For Rudy R. Miller's full bio, please click here

About Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial, Inc.

Thunderbird Field II, now Scottsdale Airport, began as a basic training facility for World War II United States Army Corps pilots. From its inception in June, 1942 to its deactivation in October, 1944, Thunderbird Field II graduated more than 5,500 students, men and women, many of whom saw military action in Europe and the Pacific, who flew nearly 26,500,000 miles during training.

Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial, Inc., a non-profit organization 501(C)(3) providing a tribute to veterans and creating unique educational opportunities for children, will have a permanent memorial at the entrance of the Scottsdale Airport, honoring the service men and women of the nation's five armed services: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force, as well as POW-MIAs. For more information, please visit

The Miller Group Becomes Major Sponsor of Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Report

Scottsdale, Arizona - April 3, 2018 - The Miller Group (TMG) announced today it is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School 2018 Private Capital Markets Report prepared by Carig R. Everett, PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance and Director of the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project, and his staff.

Rudy R. Miller, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Miller Group, stated, "We are extremely honored to be this year's major donor and underwriter of this important research project. We have been a participant in the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project and are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Everett." Miller continued, "TMG has utilized this valuable source of independent data analysis in numerous areas including portfolio investments, valuations, and management consulting projects regarding our emerging-growth and middle-market clients."

Dr. Everett said, "We sincerely appreciate The Miller Group for their generous support of the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project and look forward to working with TMG in the future."

The Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project survey investigates, for each private capital markets segment, the important benchmarks that must be met in order to qualify for each particular capital type, how much capital is typically accessible, what the required returns are for extending capital in today's economic environment, and outlooks on demand for various capital types, interest rates, and the economy in general.

The 2018 Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project Report is available for download, at no cost, here.

About the Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School

Anchored in the core values of integrity and innovation, the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School challenges individuals to think boldly and drive meaningful change that positively impacts their organizations and communities. With an entrepreneurial spirit, the Graziadio School advances experiential learning in small classes that deepen connections and stimulate critical thinking. Through our wide continuum of MBA, MS and Executive degree programs offered across seven California campuses, Graziadio faculty inspire full time students and working professionals to realize their greatest potential as values-centered, Best for the World Leaders. Follow Pepperdine Graziadio on Facebook, Twitter at @GraziadioSchool, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Contact: Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, Lisa Perry, 310.568.2314,

The Dow Plunged, But Here's Why You Shouldn't Worry

The U.S. stock market just suffered its worst week in two years with the Dow falling 1,500 points at one point, the biggest daily loss since the 2008 financial crisis. What does this all mean for investors and for the U.S. economy? Rudy Miller, the CEO of a venture capital, private equity, financial advisory and management consulting firm in Scottsdale, Arizona, is here to answer your questions.

Miller Investments, Inc. Invests in One Stop Systems, Inc. IPO

Miller Capital Corporation Issues Confidential Business Review

Should You Buy Bitcoin? Rudy Miller of The Miller Group Gives Us His Advice

Bitcoin is a hot topic right now and it's still up over 900 percent year-to-date. With his experience of more than four decades in designing and implementing successful financial and business strategies, Rudy Miller, CEO and Chairman of The Miller Group, discusses Bitcoin and answers our investment questions. Should you buy Bitcoin? Are we in a Bitcoin bubble?

Rotarians Learn About Scottsdale Airport's Military History

The history of Scottsdale Airport - and its early days as a World War II training facility for fighter pilots - was the topic of a special Veterans Day salute talk by the Rotary Club of Scottsdale.

Rudy R. Miller, Chairman, President and CEO of Miller Capital Corporation and The Miller Group - a dedicated supporter of the Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial Monument - introduced Steve Ziomek, Chairman of Thunderbird II Veterans Memorial, Inc. to Rotary Club of Scottsdale members and guests.

The capacity-filled luncheon meeting held at McCormick Ranch Golf Club's Pavilion was part of the club's annual program to honor vets.

Mr. Ziomek is former commissioner and chairman of the Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission, current Scottsdale business owner, U.S. Civil Air Patrol commander, U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduate and former Coast Guard rescue pilot.

During his talk, Mr. Ziomek noted that many of our nation's brave veterans are honored with a military memorial featuring a Boeing-Stearman PT-17 and artifacts at the Scottsdale Airport, formerly Thunderbird Field II.

The Scottsdale Airport Thunderbird Field II Plaza has been about 75 years in the making as a park-like plaza to showcase the field's history and contribution to World War II.

The PT-17 aircraft is similar to those flown during the field's World War II flight training days.

Mr. Ziomek stated the Scottsdale Airport began on June 22, 1942, as Thunderbird Field II, a basic training facility for World War II Army Air Corps pilots.

Since its inception, Thunderbird II graduated more than 5,500 students (of which 15-20 percent were women), many of whom saw military action in Europe and the Pacific.

In addition, Thunderbird II pilots flew nearly 26,500,000 miles, more than 3,000 times around the world at the equator. Two years, three months and 24 days later, the training facility was deactivated on October 16, 1944.

Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial, Inc. is a non-profit orgainzation 501 (C)(3) aimed at preserving the history and culture of aviation in Scottsdale, providing a tribute to veterans and an educational opportuity for our children.

The organization is comprised of individuals from many different backgrounds who share a common passion for aviation, history and military heritage. For more information about the memorial, visit

Miller Capital Corporation Conducts Confidential Business Review

The Miller Group Awards Tenth Annual Rudy R. Miller Business - Finance Scholarship to Arizona State University Senior

Scottsdale, Arizona - October 10, 2017 – The Miller Group (TMG) announced it has awarded its tenth annual Rudy R. Miller Business - Finance Scholarship (RRM Scholarship) to Tyler T. Thompson, an Arizona State University (ASU) student pursuing two Bachelor of Science degrees. Mr. Miller, Chairman, President and CEO of the affiliated group of MILLER entities, established the RRM Scholarship in 2008 as a way to express his and his firm's support of ASU, in particular the W.P. Carey School of Business, and to encourage and recognize academic excellence in outstanding students. The RRM Scholarship is based on merit and is awarded annually to a junior or senior pursuing a degree in Finance or Business Administration at the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. TMG has also provided other scholarships to deserving ASU students on a selective basis, such as The Miller Group Corporate Scholarship and the Rudy R. Miller Finance Intern Scholarship. Over the past ten years, Mr. Miller and TMG have awarded 13 individual scholarships to assist ASU students in achieving their educational and career goals.

Rudy R. Miller stated, "We are extremely pleased to recognize Tyler Thompson as our tenth annual RRM Scholarship recipient. Tyler was carefully selected for his impressive academic achievement, work ethic and his contributions to other students and his community. Tyler will achieve his career objectives."

Thomas Bates, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Finance, commented, "I am delighted that Tyler Thompson has been selected to receive the Rudy R. Miller Business - Finance Scholarship. Tyler, a senior in the Barrett Honors College at ASU, has earned an outstanding academic record as a double major in Supply Chain Management and Finance, while also taking on several leadership roles in various student organizations, serving as a campus mentor, volunteering in the community, and holding professional internships. I want to thank Rudy Miller for his continued support of accomplished students like Tyler."

To honor Mr. Thompson as the 2017 RRM Scholarship recipient, TMG's Chief Executive Officer hosted a luncheon attended by Tyler Thompson and his parents, Sam and Joyce Thompson; W.P. Carey School of Business representatives Thomas Bates, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Finance; Maya Duebler, Department of Finance Business Relations Specialist; Johanna Urrutia, Development Office Donor Relations Coordinator; and Stephen McConnell, President of Solano Ventures, a special guest. During the luncheon at TMG's headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Miller presented a plaque and RRM Scholarship award to Mr. Thompson.

CEO Rudy R. Miller Discusses Hybrid Seal Team Client Services Approach

1941 WWII Plane Flies Cross-Country to Become Centerpiece of Thunderbird Field II Veteran's Memorial at Scottsdale Airport's Future Aviation Business Center

A 1941 Stearman PT17 biplane was flown 1,110 miles from Arkansas to Arizona, between 500 - 1,500 feet in altitude, at an average ground speed of 56.63 mph to the Scottsdale Airport for its future home at the Thunderbird Field II Plaza and Memorial at the new Scottsdale Aviation Business Center. The future memorial will serve as a tribute and memorial to all veterans and... watch video for more.

The Miller Group, Growing Companies Since 1972

Miller Capital Corporation Makes Financial Contributions to Veterans and Educational Non-Profit Entities

Scottsdale, AZ, (March 7, 2017) Rudy R. Miller, Chairman, President & CEO of Miller Capital Corporation and The Miller Group of entities ("MILLER"), said, " We are pleased to announce the expansion of our giving back to the community program throughout the country." Recent contributions were made by MILLER to the Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial Monument, The University of California, Irvine - SAE International® Anteater Racing program, and 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of continuing the Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of Business MILLER Scholarship program.

Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial, Inc.

Thunderbird Field II (now Scottsdale Airport) ("SDL") was built in 1942 for the purpose of training WWII Army Air Corp pilots. Thunderbird II graduated over 5,500 students who collectively flew nearly 26,500,000 miles. A monument and museum will be built at SDL and dedicated to honoring the service men and women of the nation's five armed services. Service plaques for the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Coast Guard and Air Force, as well as POWs and MIAs, will be displayed. The centerpiece will be a 1940s Boeing Stearman PT-17 Biplane, the aircraft used for training at Thunderbird during WWII.

Steve Ziomek, Chairman of Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial, Inc., stated, "I would like to thank Rudy Miller and The Miller Group for their extremely generous contribution to the memorial and museum project slated for completion in 2018. Rudy is a friend and a very strong supporter of the U.S. Military and its veterans. He also served as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces." Ziomek concluded, "We wish to preserve the history and culture of aviation in Scottsdale, Arizona, provide a tribute to all veterans and create an educational opportunity for our children."

University of California, Irvine - Anteater Racing

University of California, Irvine ("UCI") is ranked ninth among the nation's best public universities according to the annual U.S. News & World Report. UCI continues to receive national and global recognition for its excellence in academics and cutting-edge research. Miller Capital Corporation recently donated to the senior design engineering program, Henry Samueli School of Engineering at UCI. The program designs, builds and competes with vehicles in Collegiate Design Series competitions hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International®). This program gives engineering students the chance to get hands-on engineering experience in the design process, manufacturing techniques and teamwork skills.

Rudy R. Miller Business - Finance Scholarship

Arizona State University ("ASU"), one of the largest universities in the United States, ranked number one as the nation's Most Innovative School for the second consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report. MILLER originated the Rudy R. Miller Business - Finance Scholarship in 2008 to express support of ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business, and to encourage and recognize academic excellence by outstanding students. The scholarship is determined by merit and awarded annually to a junior or senior pursuing a degree in Finance or Business Administration at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business. The firm has also provided other scholarships to deserving ASU students on a selective basis, such as The Miller Group Corporate Scholarship and the Rudy R. Miller Finance Intern Scholarship.

       ProTix, a Ticketing Solutions Company, Brings Strategic Expert,            The Miller Group, Onboard

Scottsdale, AZ (March 2, 2017) – The Miller Group ("Miller"), a highly respected management consulting and strategic advisory firm, also offering private equity/venture capital investing and debt financing, today announced a comprehensive engagement agreement with ProTix.Com, LLC, a national full-service ticketing platform utilizing the ProVenue® product of®.

"A number of years ago, I worked with the Miller team and their CEO, Rudy Miller, when I was president of a public company's ticketing subsidiary, so I know firsthand what an asset they will be to ProTix. Miller brings a proven track record of success, established high-quality business relationships and years of experience within our space," commented Richard Floco, President, CEO and Managing Member of ProTix.Com, LLC. "We will focus on creating a business growth initiative for the company, including potential joint venture relationships and additional expansion opportunities. Our main objective is to be a leader in the rapidly growing boutique ticketing venues and middle market arena facilities."

Rudy R. Miller, Chairman, President, and CEO of The Miller Group, said, "We look forward to collaborating with Richard and his management team, particularly as ProTix enters its next stage of growth and development. I am extremely pleased to provide my firm's knowledge and expertise to ProTix and offer innovative solutions to the company."

About ProTix.Com, LLC

ProTix.Com, LLC, with a corporate office in Scottsdale, Arizona and national operations facilities in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a full-service ticketing solution using the new and exciting ProVenue® product by®. ProTix.Com consists of experienced ticketing personnel and promoters as well as entertainment and marketing entities. With years of combined industry knowledge and success, and a proven track record, ProTix.Com has all the resources to service every type of event and venue. Our concept is to provide the very best customer service, ticketing system, and support available. To order tickets by phone, call (866) 977-6849, online -, or you can purchase tickets at an outlet or box office.

Arizona Foothills Magazine 2017 Top Investment Firms

Miller Capital, located in Scottsdale, AZ, is honored to be one of nineteen firms nominated for Arizona Foothills Magazine's "Best of Our Valley" - Best Investment Firm and earned a top two position in 2017. Miller Capital was previously voted the top firm in 2013. A partial list of investment firms placing in the top two slots over the past seven years includes Morgan Stanley®, Merrill Lynch®, UBS®, and Edward Jones®.

Since 2011, Arizona Foothills Magazine has asked their readers who their favorite companies and professionals are, offering thousands of options chosen by nominations, editors and focus groups. Readers answer with hundreds of thousands of votes that determine the Valley of the Sun - Phoenix Metro Area favorites.

For more than 40 years, The Miller Group (Miller), has earned a reputation for implementing customized, successful financial and business strategies for both public and private emerging growth and middle market client companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Miller is a boutique entity comprised of Miller Capital, Miller Investments and Miller Management.

Miller provides a broad range of services including venture capital, private equity investing, financial advisory, management consulting and investor relations. Miller’s experience includes business valuations, due diligence projects, business plans, merger-acquisition assistance, crisis management, plus an investment banking background. The knowledge and track-record of Miller’s team, led by its founder, Rudy R. Miller, offers committed, highly-specialized services to assist client companies in reaching their goals. Miller invests its own capital into a large number of its clients and often brings additional institutional or individual accredited co-investors into a specific transaction.

Current and past clients include: America West Airlines®, Bowlin Travel Centers, Inc.®, Capital Title Group, Inc., DELSTAR Companies, Inc., Legal Broadcast Network, LLC, Magma®, McMurry, Inc., Regent Communications, Inc., Ritz Carlton Magazine®, Sequence Media Group, ServRx, Inc., Sunshine Minting, Inc.®, Telgian Corporation®, US Air Express.

Miller Capital Announces ProTix Mezz Loan

One Stop Systems, Inc. Named to CIOReview's 20 Most Promising Defense Technology Solution Providers 2016

Escondido, California - December 12, 2016 – One Stop Systems, Inc. announced today that it has been recognized as one of the top 20 Defense Technology Solution Providers of 2016 by CIOReview.

"It's a great honor to select One Stop Systems, Inc. as one of the 20 Most Promising Defense Technology Solution Providers 2016," said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. "One Stop Systems (OSS) designs and manufactures high performance computing systems that revolutionize the data center by increasing speed to the Internet while reducing cost and impact to the infrastructure."

"For the defense industry, we're doing both a ground based system and also an airborne [flash storage array] system that would run on 300 volts and have the necessary ruggedization features including formal spec-testing," said Steve Cooper, CEO of One Stop Systems. "OSS' flash storage array also assisted the Navy in upgrading their P-8 aircraft, reducing the weight from hundreds of pounds to six-and-a-half pounds, while offering high performance and reduced power usage."

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems designs and manufactures direct attached GPU appliances, flash storage arrays and server-enhanced appliances for high performance computing (HPC) applications such as deep learning, oil and gas exploration, financial trading, defense and any other appplications that require the fastest and most efficient data processing. By utilizing the power of the latest coprocessors and flash storage cards, OSS' systems stay on the curring edge of the latest technologies. OSS' equipment also costs less than other solutions and they occupy much less rack space in the data center. OSS has a reputation as innovators using the very latest technology and design equipment to operate with the hiest efficiency. For more information, visit

About CIOReview

Published from Fremont, California, CIOReview is a print magazine that explores and understands the plethora of ways adopted by firms to execute the smooth functioning of their businesses. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, IT VPs including CIOReview editorial board finalized the "20 Most Promising Defense Technology Solution Providers 2016" and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants. For more information, visit

Miller Capital Corporation Client Announcement: One Stop Systems Merges with Magma

Escondido, California - July 15, 2016 – One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS) today announced that it has completed a merger with Mission Technology Group, Inc. (dba Magma), with OSS as the surviving entity. Both companies are market leaders in PCIe expansion technology used to create high-end computer accelerators and flash storage arrays. Together they become a dominant technology leader of PCIe expansion appliances.

"The merger of Magma with One Stop Systems brings together two creative forces that increases our market breadth and creates a greater diversity of products to better meet our customers' needs," said Steve Cooper, OSS CEO. "Magma has a long history of developing and producing expansion products for commercial and military applications. Together, we now dominate both markets. Customers who have used one company's products can now take advantage of a wider selection."

Both companies will continue to operate as separate business units with a strong exchange of talent and expertise. The united companies will realize the benefits and cost savings of combined sales, marketing, accounting, and human resources departments, as well as other areas where there are synergies. Steve Cooper will continue as CEO and President of the combined company while Randy Jones, previously CEO of Magma, will become a major stockholder in One Stop Systems, will serve as a board member and also be appointed Vice Chairman of the OSS Board of Directors. Tim Miller will continue as President of the Magma business unit.

Randy Jones stated, "Performance, economics, and efficiency are key factors within any industry, and both OSS and Magma see these as fundamental necessities in research, product development and serving our national and international customer base, at the highest level. As such, the merger between OSS and Magma, with similar business cultures, will be tremendously beneficial in growing our industry position worldwide. With the complementary increase in product lines through this merger, our collective client base will avail itself of even more cutting-edge possibilities." Mr. Jones continued, "I look forward to working with Steve Cooper, whom I have known for a number of years. I have great respect for him and his team. Helping develop the strategic growth plan with Steve and the Board is an exciting opportunity for everyone associated with this transaction."

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems designs and manufactures supercomputers for high performance computing (HPC) applications such as deep learning, oil and gas exploration, financial trading, defense and any other applications that require the fastest and most efficient data processing. By utilizing the power of the latest GPU accelerators and flash storage cards, our systems stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. Our equipment also costs less than other solutions and we occupy much less rack space in the data center. We have a reputation as innovators using the very latest technology and design equipment to operate with the highest efficiency.

About Magma

Magma develops and manufactures PCI, PCI Express and Thunderbolt expansion systems for servers, desktops and portable platforms. Magma's patented expansion products extend signals outside the computer over cable to a chassis containing multiple card slots. Magma's product line includes enclosed and non-enclosed solutions ranging from low-end, single-lot expansion products to fault-tolerant, highly reliable, available and serviceable (RAS) chassis specifically designed for mission critical environments. For more information, visit

How Does The Brexit Impact The US Economy? Rudy Miller Explains

The United Kingdom's vote on June 23 to leave the European Union (a 52% to 48% tally) was the biggest story of the day. The financial world has been scrambling in the wake of Brexit. The Miller Group's CEO, Rudy Miller, a frequent guest, discusses the historic vote and what it will mean in the longer run in this report.

The short version of the event, Miller says, is that the citizens of the UK made the political decision to leave the EU. One aspect of the vote is that it was a move towards independence, a decision that the country should not be governed by the EU. In addition to the issue of political independence, there is a matter of economic independence. "The EU is telling you what hair dryer to buy." Miller points out that the British people have a strong sense of independence, and they spoke out at the polls. Britain has had a long history with the EU, but it will be moving away.

The vote by British voters to leave the EU has caused Prime Minister David Cameron to resign. He will step down in October. Miller says that this causes some obvious uncertainty politically and in the financial world, as people wonder who will be the next prime minister and what the country's political direction will be. Miller quotes a friend in London who said, "It's a bloody mess on the market, but many people are celebrating their independence."

As to what happens next, Miller explains that the Treaty of Lisbon contains Article 50 that provides a means for a country to leave the EU. The exit process would take at least two years, during which time the UK would continue to abide by all EU treaties and laws. During that time, Britain would negotiate the term of its departure. Issues include financial regulations, trade arrangements, and the movement of British nationals through EU countries.

Miller notes that Britain's decision to leave the EU might encourage similar referendums in other countries or efforts to get special accommodations from the EU. There will be elections soon in several European countries. There has also been talk that Scotland, where the citizens voted to stay in the EU, might seek independence from the UK so as to join the EU.

As to the financial effect of the Brexit vote, Miller believes it will be less than some are saying. "It's not 2008, when we had our banks in a financial economic crisis." The events of 2008 left banks in Europe and America stronger than they were. However, there will be many financial jobs that will move away from London to other places because of Britain's decision.

Miller does not believe that the drop in stock markets today is the first sign of a major recession. He sees it as "a flight to safety." Miller points to the gold market, which reached a two-year high today. Treasury bonds are selling well. Notwithstanding some bumps on the road, Miller believes that the US economy is stronger than any of the European economies. However, multinational corporations and US exports will be affected by the strong value of the US dollar with trading partners. He also believes that the Fed is glad it did not raise interest rates, and he believes there will be no further increases in 2016.

Rudy R. Miller is the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Miller Group as well as Miller Capital Corporation, an affiliated company, established in 1972. He was the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Miller Capital Markets, a FINRA member investment banking firm, from 2006 through 2012. He has over 35 years of executive-level experience owning, operating and advising corporations, from large NYSE listed public companies to emerging-growth private companies. His extensive operating and advisory experience provides clients with a comprehensive understanding into the challenges of successfully navigating a business through varying economic climates. The Sequence Media Financial Network is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.

Miller Capital Corporation Conducts Confidential Business Review

Miller Capital Corporation Acts as Strategic Advisor

Miller Investments, Inc. Makes Portfolio Investment in Telgian Corporation Series A Preferred Stock

Miller Capital Corporation Conducts Valuation Analysis

Sale of Technology Portfolio Patents

Vector Planning & Services Inc. Retains Strategic Business Advisor, The Miller Group

San Diego, California and Scottsdale, Arizona (March 7, 2016) – Vector Planning & Services, Inc. (VPSI), a privately held company founded in 1997, is pleased to announce the engagement of The Miller Group (TMG) to provide strategic business advice and assistance aligned to future growth opportunities. VPSI’s services include Cyber Security, Information Technology, Systems Engineering and Integration, and Program & Financial Management services.

Paul Ilg, VPSI’s CEO, VADM, USN (ret.), stated, “TMG has a strong business and financial track record working with middle market companies. They also understand the opportunities and challenges facing our management team. Our senior staff will have an opportunity to work directly with Rudy R. Miller, founder of TMG, to jointly execute a plan to add private sector clients to our current impressive list of government agencies. Plus, TMG will assist us in developing joint venture opportunities with potential private company partners.”

Rudy R. Miller, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of TMG, said, “Our firm is pleased to have been selected by VPSI for this assignment and we are excited to bring our firm’s knowledge and experience to the company. TMG looks forward to assisting the management team in their efforts to utilize their highly respected core business expertise and achieve future growth opportunities through public and private relationships.”

About VPSI

VPSI is a CMMI-SVC ML 3 appraised and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certified small business that provides services and solutions found in support of the warfighters across the world and have supported clients including: DIA, DISA, NSA, USCYBERCOM, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the United States Senate, and the U.S. Navy. Awards exemplifying their commitment and capability include the 2012 Nunn Perry and the 2012 Defense Acquisition Team Excellence.  VPSI is recognized for their Systems Engineering & Integration, their Cyber Security, Program Management, and Information Technology capabilities.  As a small business, VPSI combines flexibility and capability to deliver leading edge solutions.  VPSI solutions include Satellite Communications, Rocket Launch and On-Orbit support, Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations, Intelligence Exploitation tools development, and Enterprise IT Service Delivery support.

VPSI Locations

Todd Delano, CEO of ServRx, Inc., Executes Management Buyout of Majority Stock Interest

Scottsdale, Arizona (February 25, 2016) – ServRx, Inc. and related company Worker Compensation Rx Solutions, Inc. (“WCRx”), both privately owned entities located in Scottsdale, Arizona, today announced CEO Todd Delano’s direct management buyout of majority ownership of both companies’ stock interest held by co-founder Dr. Randall S. Prust, M.D. Senior secured financing for the transaction, as well as a credit facility to fund future growth, was provided by Gemino Healthcare Finance.

Dr. Prust commented, “Todd and I co-founded ServRx and WCRx in 2009 and, under Todd’s daily management as President, CEO and board member, he has grown both ServRx and WCRx (and other related entities) from small niche pharmaceutical billing businesses into high-growth companies doing business in all 50 U.S. states. I am selling the majority of my stock positions directly to Todd in a very friendly buyout transaction and I have completed my board commitments and tendered my formal resignation as Chairman. I will continue to be a supportive minority shareholder and will focus on my current full-time commitment to my medical practice, as well as other outside venture capital portfolio investments. It has been an honor to help mentor Todd and see him grow into an outstanding senior executive.”

Todd Delano stated, “I appreciate Dr. Prust’s initial financial and business support over the years and look forward to continuing to grow ServRx into a national industry leader. We are excited for the next chapter in ServRx’s journey going forward. We plan to build off the strong business foundation that we have established, plus leverage our technology and the dedication of our current management team while adding additional key personnel in the future. Our motivated employees share a passionate belief in our company and our organization’s culture and core values. Most of all, we believe in the excellence and dedication of our co-workers, who are committed to providing exceptional client service and support to our growing national customer base.”

Mr. Delano concluded, “We interviewed a number of financial institutions and selected Gemino Healthcare Finance as our lender regarding this transaction due in part to their healthcare finance expertise and their experience throughout the United States dealing with middle market growth companies. Their professional team was extremely responsive to our timeline requirements, plus they met all of our objectives and Gemino has a long-term relationship outlook with their clients.”

About ServRx, Inc.

ServRx/WCRx was founded in 2009 by veterans of the pharmacy claims processing industry. Many claims processing companies rely on antiquated technology and IT infrastructure. ServRx utilizes one of the most sophisticated IT systems in the industry, which means its clients benefit from real-time adjudication and immediate payment confirmation. ServRx’s mission is to work closely with each client to develop solutions that maximize revenue cycle. Additional information can be found at

Rudy Miller, CEO of The Miller Group, Has Made a Positive Impact on Our Company with His Strategic Advice

"In my role as Chairman of ServRx and related entities, I have had the opportunity to work directly with The Miller Group’s CEO, Rudy Miller, since 2014. The Board retained his firm as strategic business advisor in part because Rudy has a proven track record in working with high-growth middle market entrepreneurial companies. He truly appreciates the opportunities and challenges facing expanding businesses. His business experience as an entrepreneur, public company CEO, and board member of a number of public companies has been a huge benefit in helping our company and its aggressive operating management team work through numerous business complexities. He played a critical role assisting us with our bank credit facility as well as locating a full time CFO for the company. He is a direct-results oriented advisor that comprehends the difficult decisions that need to be made by the board. His legal, accounting-finance and operational experience is a tremendous asset to our company and our management team as we continue to grow ServRx. Rudy and his team have earned our board’s respect and we have re-engaged his firm for the next two years to continue to assist the company in meeting its growth plan."

Rudy Miller of The Miller Group Discusses Oil Prices, the U.S. and China Stock Markets with Sequence Media Financial Network

The financial markets entered 2016 in a tumultuous state. January 15th was an especially painful day that saw plummeting stocks and the fall of oil prices to below $30 per barrel. Additional concern has been raised by the Chinese stock market's struggle. The Miller Group's CEO, Rudy Miller, a frequent guest on Sequence Media Financial Network and Legal Broadcast Network, discusses the current situation and shares his thoughts about what he expects this year.

Miller notes that the U.S. stock markets have lost $1.6 trillion in value (as of January 15th), and worldwide losses are over $3 trillion. Miller states, "It was refreshing to get a 228-point positive bounce in the market [on Thursday]." He advises paying attention to the first hour when markets open and the last hour and three-quarters prior to their closing.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is on track to have its worst month since February 2009, and Miller points out that it is not possible to predict that the bottoming-out point has been reached. He expects more volatility and some bloody trading days in the near future. As always, investors should continue seeking sound financial moves. Miller suggests that there are companies with strong balance sheets, good equity-to-debt ratio, strong cash positions and solid projected cash flow for 2016. Furthermore, there are sound moves to be made in specific equities. For example, while biotech companies have taken a beating, airline companies are doing extremely well. Miller affirms, "They've got the biggest cash flow they've had in history."

Looking at January 14th, Miller notes that oil was above the $30 mark, JP Morgan posted a very good earnings report, and China's stock closed on the upside on the 13th. Additionally, St. Louis Federal Reserve President, James Bullard, took a softer position on rate increases. That same night, however, there was a sharp sell-off in Asia. Then the Dow and the NASDAQ opened down this morning. Oil has been driving the prices, and is now dipping below $30 per barrel. Soon, Iran will begin dumping oil on a slowing world economy. Miller points out that $15 Canadian oil is already available. He underscores the importance of keeping oil prices near the $30 mark or better. Miller also explains that with an upcoming three-day weekend, a number of investors want liquidity rather than positions.

Miller mentions several financial institutions, in particular JP Morgan, as exemplifying what one would want to see in a bank's performance. JP Morgan is also benefiting from the recent rate increase. As well, banks are cutting costs and increasing the use of technology, resulting in better bottom lines. The overall industry, Miller suggests, is in good shape compared to where it was during the 2008 market crash. However, banks that have a high percentage of energy loans in their portfolios will experience some challenges.

In considering the international picture, Miller predicts that China will continue to have a slower growth rate, perhaps in the 4-6% range. Political events, both at home and abroad, will cause stock market reactions. As to the energy field, Miller suggests that conditions will trend up over the next year or two. Smaller oil companies with balance sheet issues will either end up as part of bigger companies or go bankrupt.

In summary, Miller does not anticipate a recession in the U.S. He expects job growth to continue to be steady. The overall U.S. economy will be solid and stronger than any other economy in the world. Miller does not expect the Fed to increases rates until May, and notes that Wall Street has projected four rate increases going into 2016. Miller offers the possibility that there will be three rate increases at a very measured rate until the economy approaches a 2% rate of inflation.

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U.S. employers hired at their strongest clip this year in October and wage growth picked up key indicators which many experts believe will reassure Federal Reserve officials as they consider the case for an interest rate raise before year’s end. Rudy R. Miller, CEO of The Miller Group and Miller Capital Corporation in Scottsdale, AZ, weighed in shortly after the report with his thoughts on the numbers showing that non-farm payrolls rose to a seasonally adjusted 271,000 in October according to the US Labor Department. Miller, who is a regular commentator on the SMG Financial Network, discussed the issue of the long awaited rate hike, which he believes the Fed should have acted upon in September. He also critiqued China's market crash during the late summer and the current improvement of the Chinese stock exchange.

Miller discusses in this video the outlook over the short-term based on macro trends as well as an overall glimpse at the US economy as it heads to year end and into a vital election year cycle.



The stock market has continued to fluctuate over the past several months. On September 28th, it took another major downturn. Everyone wonders what the future holds for the market. The Miller Group’s CEO, Rudy R. Miller, returns to LBN for an update on economic developments and an explanation of what he sees for the months ahead in this report.

Miller says that several things occurred on the 28th to cause the drop in prices, including things that had started last week. China’s continuing economic problems had an effect on the market. Also, Carl Icahn released a video report, “Danger Ahead,” listing what he saw as problems the stock market would have to contend with. Miller says that, while he essentially agrees with Icahn’s facts, he does not believe that we are in “that bubble environment.” (Miller’s opinion is that Carl Icahn would like to serve in Donald Trump’s cabinet should Trump be elected president.)

Miller points to a number of items that had a negative effect on the market. These include a report on personal income outlays, remarks by three presidents of the Federal Reserve, the Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey, and the pending home sales index. Miller notes that the Commerce Department reports that spending rose 4% in August, and personal income rose .3%. As for real estate sales, Miller says he still thinks the country is in a good position, although there was some discouraging news from the National Association of Realtors index. Pending home sales decreased by 1.4% in August. The Dallas Fed numbers remained negative for the ninth consecutive month. Much of that weakness is in the oil sector.

Miller says that his firm’s clients are reporting encouraging job figures. One client reports an increase in job slots that can’t be filled. Miller says his firm is seeing that employment opportunities are improving and wages are increasing, a good sign. As to China and its economic woes, Miller does not expect China to see better days until 2017. “We weren’t expecting them to have great numbers.” Another problem was that drugs and pharmaceutical stocks were down 13% the previous week. The big sell-off in pharmaceuticals was related to heightened scrutiny of drug pricing.

Miller notes that all of these things came together on September 28th. Other factors include one that many people are unaware of. The Saudis have been selling off substantial portions of their large holdings in U.S. stocks. The sell-off by the Saudis is related to their holding down the price of oil. The proceeds from their stock sales have been used to backstop their oil market maneuvers. Miller also says that, in his opinion, China does not affect our stock market as much as people may think. China is not a big buyer of our products and services (.06% of sales are to China).

Added to all of these things was the political drama in the House of Representatives, with John Boehner resigning as Speaker of the House. Miller opines that Boehner will work with his fellow Republicans and with Democrats to assure that the government is not shut down this year. There was also a U.N. meeting on the 28th that included Putin’s announcement of a more formalized Russian arrangement with Iran and Iraq. There is also the relationship between Syria and Russia. Added to all of the above, says Miller, were problems in the bond market where major pricing deals couldn’t be concluded. Put all of it together and you have the stock market on the 28th.

Miller believes that the Federal Reserve has some responsibility for what happened. In Miller’s August report on LBN, he noted that the S&P Index was down 10% over the last sixty days. Miller says the Fed “made a huge mistake” by not increasing interest rates in September, as had been expected by many observers. Miller now believes that the Fed will increase rates in October. There is also a possibility to do an increase in December, but that is a busy time of the year for everyone.

As to the future, Miller says he is “optimistic about the U.S. economy compared to the rest of the world.” However, says Miller, that optimism does not mean that he is a firm believer in a huge bull market. He continues to believe that things will improve going forward, and that some action by the Fed could improve things. The market may have some bumps in the future, but it is still a good time to invest. Miller points out that “you have to put your money somewhere or stay 100% in cash.” He also noted that consumer confidence was reported today as the highest since January 2015.

Rudy R. Miller is the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Miller Group as well as Miller Capital Corporation, an affiliated company of The Miller Group, established in 1972. He was the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Miller Capital Markets, a FINRA member investment banking firm, from 2006 through 2012. He has over 35 years of executive-level experience owning, operating and advising corporations, from large NYSE listed public companies to emerging-growth private companies. His extensive operating and advisory experience provides clients with a comprehensive understanding into the challenges of successfully navigating a business through varying economic climates. The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.


Stock markets in the U.S. and around the world have had a rocky week, triggered by economic problems in China. Investors everywhere are wondering when the market’s slump will end and how low prices will drop before they stabilize. The Miller Group’s CEO, Rudy Miller, discusses the situation and explains his perspective on the days ahead in this report.

Miller says that the current stock market slump is not unprecedented, “although it’s a major milestone.” Miller remembers the stock market crash of 1987 and says it was the last time he owned any stocks in his portfolio on margin. Margin calls very much affect the market at a time like this.

But, as Miller points out, “We’re sitting on a very solid U.S. economy.” The housing market is in excellent condition. There have been economic problems in China and Greece, but those problems have not damaged our economy. Europe has seen a huge influx of immigrants from Syria and from Africa, the largest since World War II. But the problems related to that immigration have not affected the U.S. economy.

There has been some concern about news that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates by a quarter of a point in September. Miller does not see a prospective raise in interest rates as a problem. Miller points out that “We’ve had a zero-based economy for seven years.” But the proposed rate increase has already been “baked in” with Wall Street and America’s banks. The increase is largely symbolic. There may be some adjustments, but there will be no serious problems. Miller says that the U.S. “can’t have zero money forever and a $19 trillion dollar debt.” The Fed looks at a host of data in making decisions. Miller believes that, among other things, the Fed looks at the S&P 500 in deciding what to do.

Any problems the U.S. suffers in the near term are not a financial crisis such as we had in 2008 and 2009. The real estate problems of that time are gone. Miller points out that, last year, 44% of all home sales were “cash sales”, meaning a tremendous amount of investor dollars invested. This year, cash offers are at 22%. In other words, home buyers can afford the homes they are buying, and they plan to live in those homes, not flip.

Miller believes the Fed will move slowly and firmly going forward, avoiding the problem of “every ninety days rolling out another rate hike.” Miller reiterates that it is important for the U.S. to move forward from zero-based money, even though the low interest rate got us through the bad years and helped the economy to start moving forward again. Miller thinks the market will react positively to the interest rate increase because it shows that “we are slowly going in the right direction.” One of China’s problems is that it has in recent times had government-owned companies trying to prop up its stock market by using cash to buy securities instead of investing in the economy.

Miller is optimistic “and realistic” about the future of the stock market and the U.S. economy. He believes that the latest stock market correction has shaken loose “retail investors” who are not in it for the long run. Miller says he is “a long-term holder of good quality companies.” Their earnings are good, as are their ratios, but all money has to be invested somewhere. And the U.S. economy is not having a problem. There is presently an international economic crisis, but it is not an American economic crisis.

Rudy R. Miller is the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Miller Group as well as Miller Capital Corporation, an affiliated company The Miller Group, established in 1972. He was the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Miller Capital Markets, a FINRA member investment banking firm, from 2006 through 2012. He has over 35 years of executive-level experience owning, operating and advising corporations, from large NYSE listed public companies to emerging-growth private companies. His extensive operating and advisory experience provides clients with a comprehensive understanding into the challenges of successfully navigating a business through varying economic climates. The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.


Scottsdale, Arizona (August 26, 2015) – ServRx, Inc., a leading electronic workers’ compensation prescription claims processing company, today announced the appointment of Mark L. Smith to the position of Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”). Mr. Smith possesses 25+ years of experience as a senior financial officer, including 15 years in the healthcare related industry. His familiarity with both publicly traded and privately owned growth companies is extensive, including technology and financial services industries.

Mr. Smith joins ServRx from his former position as the CFO of iTech Broker, Inc., an internet marketing and financial services firm involved in custom website design and development, eCommerce solutions, SEO, and name branding campaign services.

Previously, Mr. Smith was CFO for Village Estates Corporation, a healthcare company that developed, owned and operated health and assisted care facilities. He was instrumental in designing a groundbreaking billing and service tracking system in the senior care industry.

He spent nearly 10 years as CFO at Avesis Incorporated, a NASDAQ public company. Avesis is a healthcare company that offers ancillary health benefit programs through its nationwide preferred provider organization. Avesis is also a third-party claims administrator of prescription drug programs as well as vision, dental, and hearing programs. Mr. Smith worked alongside the founder of Avesis, who was also the cofounder of National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) and the innovator behind the creation of the pharmacy benefits management (PBM) segment of the healthcare industry.

An alumnus of Indiana University, Mr. Smith earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, obtained his CPA certification, and joined the accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand. He is a past member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as well as the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Smith stated, “I’m extremely honored to join this fast-growing leader in the electronic workers’ compensation prescription claims processing industry. I believe with my past experience of understanding explosive growth companies coupled with my public company compliance background, I can bring a fresh perspective to the financial and accounting functions of this dynamic growing company. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and working alongside the ServRx team and Board of Directors in an effort to help this company advance to the next level.”

“Mark is an accomplished executive with significant leadership and business experience, including proven ability as a successful CFO with strong financial discipline in both the healthcare and technology sectors. He will be a tremendous addition to our team,” said Todd Delano, ServRx’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe Mark possesses the right blend of financial and business expertise required to help us continue the traction we’ve gained in the marketplace by executing on our current long-term growth and financial strategy.”

About ServRx, Inc.

ServRx is a leading electronic workers’ compensation prescription claims processing company. Through utilizing the most sophisticated IT systems in the industry and working with NPDS, ServRx ensures its clients benefit from real-time adjudication, immediate payment confirmation, and other elements of a customized suite of services. As such, within the last decade, the ServRx executive team has processed over $3 billion in workers’ compensation and commercial prescription claims. The Company’s common stock is not registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Company does not currently file periodic or other reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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